About Us

Jen McEachen

Pet Sitter/Owner of Pampered Critters

I grew up with an assortment of animals including cats, dogs and rabbits. I began "hobby" sitting for a few people in 2004. Having graduated from the College of New Caledonia in 2008 with certification in Applied Business Technology, I was awakened in early June 2010 by a dream - the dream that ultimately set me on the path to establishing Pampered Critters. I've always had a strong compassion towards animals and clients, and really, pet and house-sitting seemed a far more suitable career path for me.

My interests mainly surround animals, books and news, disability advocacy, and some recreational activities including bowling, watching curling on TV and socializing with friends. I am employed part-time as a Volunteer Resource Services Co-ordinator at the Canadian Red Cross and currently studying Emergency Management through the Justice Institute of BC..

Aiken McEachen

The Furry Assistant

My job is a serious one. Mom needs me to help her at times as she can’t see very well. I am a cream-coloured yellow labrador / golden retriever cross with the most soft, velvety ears. My shining, outgoing personality attracts people to come over to say hello to me during my "off" duty moments, even though I am wearing the harness. I enjoy chewing on ice cubes on hot, sunny days, sleeping on Mom's futon, and bringing a smile to everyone's faces with my funny antics.

Photo of Aiken McEachen