Here are a few thoughts from a few clients regarding my services. All references are available upon request.

“Jen McEachen has looked after our house from one to three times each year for the last five years. When away from home we have the utmost confidence that our house is in good hands.

She visits the house approximately every two days; more frequently in very cold weather. Her tasks include checking the integrity of the house, checking the heating of each room, and the operation of the refrigerator and freezers. Watering plants from a few in winter to many in containers outdoors in summer is done as required. Sometimes in winter Jen has to sweep the paths to the doors and make the place look as if someone is at home.

On our return home, Jen presents us with a very business-like and comprehensively detailed log of her visits to the house. This could be helpful should it ever be required for insurance purposes. We could not ask for any better service than that which Jen renders us when we are away from home.”

* * *

"Jen has house sat for us numerous times over the past 4 years, looking after our home and cat while we have been gone on vacations. We have been very satisfied with Jen's help and have always felt very comfortable, while being away. She is very reliable. She always keeps a log of each visit she makes to the house, which is very detailed. We would recommend Jen for this task with no hesitation."

* * *

"I was very pleased with the care both my house & dogs received. Angus is not an easy dog as he is afraid of his own shadow. However he liked Jen."

* * *

"Peace of Mind.  That is what we get to enjoy when Jen is looking after our house and our pets.  All three of our pets are special needs, two of which require medication.  Our cat, Julian has some serious health issues (ranging from heart murmur to being deaf) his health issues require medication daily which can be stressful for us to leave him in someone else's care.  Having Jen looking after him while we are away leaves us stress-free for she handles all his medical issues and medications like a pro.  She is able to work with all of our animals and care for all of their special needs which gives us that peace of mind and that is why we get her to look after our pets/house every time."

* * *

"Jen is the best dog sitter you could ever have! Now I will tell you why:

Jen takes her job very seriously; she will only 'pet sit' for people who genuinely care about their animals. She, in turn, will treat them like they are her own pets:

  • She interviews each prospective new client and asks for detailed information on them and their pets.
  • Jen will come and 'Live in" with our dogs; not just visit them.
  • She dons her outdoor gear and will play with and supervise them in the yard (even in mid-winter). When she is not outside with them, she will keep a close eye on them from inside.
  • She will 'work' with your pet, if you desire. I have been in dog training classes both times that Jen has come and she has practiced our 'homework' with them, at our request.
  • Jen keeps a detailed log of her time spent with them and any unusual observations.
  • Jen will stay with them, as much as she can, during the day, even when the dogs are 'at rest'.
  • Jen gives love to our dogs lets them know that she cares!
  • Jen will e-mail little updates to us during the time we are away... sometimes even sending us a photo.
  • Jen is easy to live with; she taken care of our dogs while my daughter was at home and they both enjoyed each other's company.
  • Jen is a clean person; she comes with her own paraphernalia and food and leaves with it.

My husband and I have two large dogs: a Chocolate Lab / Border Collie who is two years of age and a Black Flat Coated Retriever who is 9 months. They are large dogs who are both mentally and physically active. If she can take care of our dogs, she can take care of anything!

I think we are really fortunate to have found Jen; she is unique and special! And Jen's much needed services fill a void in the world of Pet Sitting/Care. I absolutely recommend Jen, if you are looking for 'At Home' Pet Care; She is the Best!"

* * *

This was the first time we have had Jen from Pampered Critters look after our cats while we went out of town and we couldn't have been happier.  Jen came over a week before for a meet and greet with the cats and to see where everything was. She went over to each cat and patted them and asked us question about each cats habits etc.  We went over the contract and she went over the other information sheets she had given us.  We found the process very reassuring.
We ended up coming home early and Jen was very understanding.  Our cats seemed happy and healthy when they greeted us at the door.  The house was clean and tidy, Jen had picked up any tufts of cat hair. We really liked the log of the daily events that she emailed to us, we knew the cats would be a little shy the first couple of days but once they realized she was the food giver they came around and welcomed her with open arms.
I would not hesitate to have Jen look after our cats again in the future and would recommend her to family and friends.

Last Updated: October 2, 2015